King Abdulaziz International Airport

Modeling, lighting, shading, rendering
Year: 2010. Client: Direct2Brain
Team: Nicola Sganga, Marco Tripodi, Claudio Clemente, Sorin Voicu, Mauro De Persiis, Ottaviano Brando, Alfredo Dusmet

I was in charge of modeling this huge airport (2 kilometers long, 20 main places/scenes) starting from some 5000 detail drawings prompted by the architectural firm. I worked with the help of 7 great guys for three months, providing the lighting, shading and rendering of the interiors as well. These animations were the digital scenography for a live-action, 8-minutes short film by Direct2Brain (you can see an edited version above).

Here are some still renderings as they came out from the renderfarm:

Drawing for Design

Architectural Renderings wrap-up

Study renderings for the Fregene seafront

I just finished publishing some of my best architectural works from the past. It’s something I should have done a long time ago, but whatever. Some of them were made before the 2.0 web era -facebook and blogs-, some other before the 2.5 web era -Behance and other kind of aggregators-, while some were just almost forgotten in the mess that’s been my life in the years past (sort of).

Museum in the mountains

[project by -Scape, 2012]

Look development, direction, matte painting, post
Marco Tripodi: Modeling, lighting, shading, rendering

Housing in Ravenna

[project by -Scape, 2011]

Details, model and animated gif:

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