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Architectural Renderings wrap-up

Study renderings for the Fregene seafront

I just finished publishing some of my best architectural works from the past. It’s something I should have done a long time ago, but whatever. Some of them were made before the 2.0 web era, while some were just almost forgotten in the mess that’s been my life in years past (sort of).

“Whites” featured on Digital Art Served


Happy to spread the news: today I’ve been featured on Digital Art Served, the curated site from Behance Network.

They choose the album “Whites”, where I collected a few pictures and renderings I made over the years. This is quite a rewarding event for me, especially since it’s a bunch of casual photos, quick works, or almost forgotten studies upon 3d sculptures: nothing I’ve spent too much time on, nothing I’ve been paid for; just things I liked, and liked to work on.

Shading in the real world: Barry X Ball

A pearl: 3D scanned sculptures, rebuilt with exotic materials. Subtle artistic operation. Translucent marbles, awesome blacks. Icing on the cake, “Unique forms of continuity in space”.

Since I’m used to change materials at will while working on 3d models, I really appreciate this research, that’s quite the same thing but done in the real world.

Barry X Ball

Pawel Bajew

Self portrait by Pawel Bajew

This guy really knows how to do it. Skill, technique, composition; meaning, and irony above all: there’s quite everything in these images. Here’s a small selection of his work – find more at

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