King Abdulaziz International Airport

Modeling, lighting, shading, rendering
Year: 2010. Client: Direct2Brain
Team: Nicola Sganga, Marco Tripodi, Claudio Clemente, Sorin Voicu, Mauro De Persiis, Ottaviano Brando, Alfredo Dusmet

I was in charge of modeling this huge airport (2 kilometers long, 20 main places/scenes) starting from some 5000 detail drawings prompted by the architectural firm. I worked with the help of 7 great guys for three months, providing the lighting, shading and rendering of the interiors as well. These animations were the digital scenography for a live-action, 8-minutes short film by Direct2Brain (you can see an edited version above).

Here are some still renderings as they came out from the renderfarm:

Museum in the mountains

[project by -Scape, 2012]

Look development, direction, matte painting, post
Marco Tripodi: Modeling, lighting, shading, rendering

Housing in Ravenna

[project by -Scape, 2011]

Details, model and animated gif:

District in Shanghai

[Competition for a brand new urban district. Project by -Scape, 2009]

As I learned at the time, Shanghai was once dubbed the “Chinese Venice”, since it’s built upon the delta of a big river. Many watercourses run in the city, and still today you can see some very pictoresque canals here and there, Venice-style. Since the project area was rural farmland, we wanted to enhance this feature and give nature and water the importance they deserved. Secondly, we chose to give the images some resemblance to the traditional chinese drawings, made with water and ink. Mix the two things, and you have this.

Housing and Offices in Naples

[project by -Scape, Francis Soler 2008]

These are probably the most dreamy, eye-catching images I’ve ever made. We wanted to try something different, an easier approach compared to our usual, deep-research style with -Scape. We ended up with this unreal lighting, as if there was a spotlight pointing the project on a theatrical stage. Not very different from what you see today, as one of the mainstream styles of architectural representation.

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