Housing and Offices in Naples

[project by -Scape, Francis Soler 2008]

These are probably the most dreamy, eye-catching images I’ve ever made. We wanted to try something different, an easier approach compared to our usual, deep-research style with -Scape. We ended up with this unreal lighting, as if there was a spotlight pointing the project on a theatrical stage. Not very different from what you see today, as one of the mainstream styles of architectural representation.

Honda Retail Spaces (2003)

Diggin’ deep here… This is my graduation project, and it’s more than 10 years old; but every time I give it a look, I can’t but love its shapes, its spaces, its concept, and I’m amazed by the fresh look some of the renderings and drawings still show. This is practically the only architectural project I designed all by myself before starting my career as a digital visualizer, and I’m very proud of it. That’s obvious, you say: I made it, I love it. Maybe you have a point. That said, I hope you will appreciate it as well.

Private Villas in Sardinia

[project by M. Fuksas, 2007]

Client: Vision srl
Team: Rodolfo Migliari, Nicola Sganga – Fabio Barretta, Giuseppe Salino
Me: Lighting, Shading, Rendering, along with modeling a couple of villas, and lots of texturing

“Whites” featured on Digital Art Served


Happy to spread the news: today I’ve been featured on Digital Art Served, the curated site from Behance Network.

They choose the album “Whites”, where I collected a few pictures and renderings I made over the years. This is quite a rewarding event for me, especially since it’s a bunch of casual photos, quick works, or almost forgotten studies upon 3d sculptures: nothing I’ve spent too much time on, nothing I’ve been paid for; just things I liked, and liked to work on.

Landscape project for the A4 Highway Tunnel

Project by Alessandro Anselmi, -Scape [2005-2006]

This has been a very important project for me, and I still look at it as a seminal step of my formation and experience. It was the first big work I made for Scape, and the first time we interacted to search a common aesthetic as well. Looking back at the successful years that followed, I can safely say that their foundation was laid down here.

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